Volume 10 Number 1 (Jan. 2019)

Bioscience Discovery, 10(1):1-4, Jan. - 2019

Kaempferia attapeuensis Picheans. & Koonterm(Zingiberaceae) - A new record of medicinal plant species for VietNam

Nguyen Hoang Tuan1*, Nguyen The Hien2, Nguyen Danh Duc3

1*Department of Pharmacognosy, Hanoi University of Pharmacy
2Department of Forest Resources & Environment Management, Taynguyen University
3University of Science Ho Chi Minh City.

Article info
Received: 10-10-2018,
Revised: 06-12-2018,
Accepted: 25-12-2018

Through survey of medicial plant resources in Viet Nam, Gia Lai province, Chu Prong district, Ia Puch commune, Kaempferia attapeuensis Picheans. & Koontermis identified as a new species in flora of Vietnam. Kaempferia attapeuensis Picheans. & Koontermis characterized by the leaves is with sessile, oblong-elliptic to broadly ovate, horizontal near the ground or upright leaves. Anther crest is also varied greatly, ranged from the rectangular shape with the apex varied from bilobed (the apex of each lobe round to acuminate) to bifid. A full description with a colour plate and notes on the variability in morphology, distribution, phenology and uses of this species are given.

Gia Lai province, distribution, ecology, K. attapeuensis., medicinal plant

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Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Nguyen The Hien, Nguyen Danh Duc , 2019. Kaempferia attapeuensis Picheans. & Koonterm(Zingiberaceae) - A new record of medicinal plant species for VietNam. Bioscience Discovery, 10(1):01-04.

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