Volume 10 Number 1 (Jan. 2019)

Bioscience Discovery, 10(1):5-9, Jan. - 2019

Momordiocarpon deccanii gen.et.sp.nov.A petrified berry fruit form the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohagaonkalan, Chindwara District, Madhya Pradesh, India

Deshmukh R. N. 1 and P. S. Kokate2

1Shital Nagar, Arni Road Yavatmal-445001
2H.O.D. Department of Botany, Shri.Shivaji College Art, Commerce and Science, Akola-444005, India Email: rakhideshmukh7779@gmail.com

Article info
Received: 14-10-2018,
Revised: 25-11-2018,
Accepted: 01-12-2018

The paper reports the record of a petrified dicot berry fruit from the Deccan Intertrappean beds of Mohagaonkalan, Chindwara District, Madhya Pradesh. The fruit is minute having 4.5 cm length and 2.29 cm breadth. Fruit is unilocular consisting of well-preserved spiny out growth on pericarp. Fruit is ellipsoidal in shape. Fruit wall shows 3 to 6 layer of parenchymatous cells. Seeds are not well preserved. The study shows that the fossil fruit is not comparable with any living as well as reported fossil fruits, hence, a new form genus Momordiocarpon nameisgivenafter the genus of Momardica and species deccanii after the deccan bed of India.

Angiosperm, Cucurbitaceae, Deccan, Fossil, Fruit, Intertrappean

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