Volume 10 Number 1 (Jan. 2019)

Bioscience Discovery, 10(1):10-15, Jan. - 2019

First record of Curcuma sparganiifolia Gagnep. (Zingiberaceae) from Vietnam

Th?-Liên Tr?n1, Ng?c-Giang Cao1, Minh-Ng?c Tr?n1, Minh-Kh?i Nguy?n1, Van-Long Hà2, Ng?c-Sâm Lý3,4,*

1National Institute of Medicinal Materials, 3B Quang Trung,Hoang Kiem District, Hà N?i, Vietnam.
2Phú Qu?c National Park, 1 Nguy?n Chí Thanh, Duong Dông Town, Phú Qu?c District, Kiên Giang Province.
3Institute of Tropical Biology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), 85 Tr?n Qu?c To?n, District 3, H? Chí Minh City.
4Graduate University of Science and Technology, VAST, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hà N?i.
*E-mail: lysamitb@gmail.com

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Received: 16-10-2018,
Revised: 28-11-2018,
Accepted: 06-12-2018

Curcuma sparganiifolia is here reported for the first time from Phú Qu?c National Park, Kiên Giang province, southwestern Vietnam. It was previously hitherto known as a native species in Cambodia and Thailand. Curcuma sparganiifolia is distinguished from C. gracillima by characteristics of the spike composes of some pink to pink-purple fertile bracts and no comma bracts, the connective tissue being glabrous, and the labellum is entire and yellow with red patch at the basal half. A full description, colour plates as well as data on distribution, habitat, phenology, conservation status, and notes on this species are given.

Curcuma gracillima, Curcuma subgen. Hitcheniopsis, New record, Vietnam, Zingiberaceae.

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First record of Curcuma sparganiifolia Gagnep. (Zingiberaceae) from Vietnam . Bioscience Discovery, 10(1):10-15.

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