Volume 10 Number 2 (April 2019)

Bioscience Discovery, 10(2):46-52, April - 2019

Taxonomy and distribution of Parashorea (Dipterocarpaceae) in Vietnam

Hoang Van Sam1 and Xia Nanhe2

1. Vietnam Forestry University, Xuan Mai, Hanoi, Vietnam;
2. South China Botanical garden, Xingke Road 723,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
Email: samhv@vnuf.edu.vn

Article Info

Received: 01-02-2019,
Revised: 16-03-2019,
Accepted: 28-03-2019

Conservation, Dipterocarpaceae, Parashorea chinensis, Parashorea stellata, Vietnam.

The paper provides an overview of the current knowledge of Parashorea (Dipterocarpaceae) in Vietnam with their taxonomy, ecology, distribution and conservation status.

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, 2019. Taxonomy and distribution of Parashorea (Dipterocarpaceae) in Vietnam. Bioscience Discovery, 10(2):46-52.

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