Volume 10 Number 2 (April 2019)

Bioscience Discovery, 10(2):103-107, April - 2019

PHB production from bacteria isolated from oil contaminated soil

Nausheen Sadaf1 and D. C. Kamthane2

1Research student, NSB College, Nanded. E mail: nausheen.sadaf@rediffmail.com
2Head, Dept. of Microbiology, SGB College, Purna.
 E mail: daiwa.kamthane@rediffmail.com

Article info
Received: 01-02-2019,
Revised: 03-04-2019,
Accepted: 08-04-2019

PHB was prepared from the bacterial species isolated from oil contaminated soil. Five efficient producers were proceeded for PHB production. Two crude carbon sources, groundnut oil cake powder and molasses were tested versus pure sugar glucose as carbon source for production. The isolates were biochemically characterized by Bergey’s Mannual of Systematic bacteriology 2nd  edition 2001. The produced PHB was confirmed by Spectrophotometric method and FTIR. Better production was observed with groundnut oil cake powder as compared with pure glucose. Optimum pH, temperature and incubation time for PHB production was also determined.

Bergey’s Mannual of Systematic Bacteriology, carbon source, groundnut oil cake powder, molasses, PHB.


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