Bioscience Discovery, Volume 11, Number 4, Page Number 191-251, Month & Year: Oct. - 2020

Histopathological studies on cestode parasites in marine fishes

Khodke A. B.

Department of Fishery Science,
Pratishthan Mahavidyalaya, Paithan, Dist Aurangabad (MS), India

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Received: 10-08-2020,
Revised: 26-09-2020,
Accepted: 30-09-2020

Interest in the study of host-parasite relationships has declined sharply with the development of antihelminthic, antibiotic and chemotherapeutic treatment of parasitic diseases. The study of the interactions of potential hosts and potential parasites remains one of most interesting and important aspects of the natural sciences. It is indeed doubtful whether investigations of host-parasite interrelationships are less pertinent today from the perspective of human health. Present study reveals the Histopathological changes in cestode parasites of marine water fishes of Alibagh and adjoining areas.

Keywords: Cestode Parasites, Marine water, Fishes.

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