Bioscience Discovery, Volume 11, Number 4, Page Number 191-251, Month & Year: Oct. - 2020

Occurrence of Alysicarpus saplianus Pokle., (Fabaceae) in Satpuda range of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra, India

Tanveer A. Khan

Department of Botany, H. J. Thim College of Arts and Science, Mehrun, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.

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Received: 01-08-2020,
Revised: 05-09-2020,
Accepted: 20-09-2020

The Jalgaon is one of the districts in the Khandesh region of North Maharashtra India with great diversity of plants. The present paper deals with addition of Alysicarpus saplianus Pokle., (Fabaceae), this species is reported for the first time from different parts of the Satpuda ranges of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra. Detailed taxonomic description, photographs and relevant informations are provided here for easy identification.

Keywords: Satpuda range, Alysicarpus saplianus Pokle., Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

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Tanveer A. Khan, 2020. Occurrence of Alysicarpus saplianus Pokle., (Fabaceae) in Satpuda range of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra, India. Bioscience Discovery, 11(4):212-215.

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