Volume 11 Number 3 (July - 2020) Page Number 111-190
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1 Eleven species of liverworts as new distributional records to Bryoflora Andhra Pradesh, India.
Ananthaneni Sreenath and Boyina Ravi Prasad Rao
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2 Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen sources on the growth and sporulation of Alternaria alternata causes fruit rot of Grapes
Kadam K. S.
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3 Histopathological changes in the intestine of Gallus gallus domesticus (chicken) infected with nematode Heterakis gallinae in Jalna district (M.S.) India
Pradhan R. G.
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4 Studies on Integrated Management of Alternaria fruit rot of Grape disease using plant extracts in mixture with Aureofungin
Kadam K. S.
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5 Gymnanthemum amygdalinum (Delile) Sch. Bip. ex Walp (Asteraceae) – A new report to the flora of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Apurba Kumar Das and C. Sivaperuman
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6 Tinospora baenzigeri (Menispermaceae): A New Distribution Record for the Flora of India, From Burhanpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Shakun Mishra, Sudip Roy and Deepika Mishra
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7 Assessment of Noise Pollution Level in Commercial and Residential Areas of Dehradun
Mamta Joshi, Brij M Upreti, Shivani Thakur
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8 Micropropagation studies in Bacopa monnieri L.
Shilpa Chavan, Pallavi Prashad and Narayan Pandhure
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9 In Vitro Antagonism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Al98 Towards Sclerotium rolfsii, a Causative Agent of Stem Rot Disease of Groundnut
Sanjay M. Dalvi and Ravindra R. Rakh
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10 Observation of Body Weight of Desi Chicken Affects Due to Ascardia Galli Infection treated with Ayurvedic Formulation
Gawai Y. K. , and Z. H. Khan
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11 In vitro propagation of a rare medicinal plant Abrus precatorious E. May
Swati Shilwant, Sunil Gahire, Pooja Bhalerao and Narayan Pandhure
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12 Abundance of aeroalgal allergens in the atmosphere of Aurangabad city in Maharashtra
Sunita V. Jawale and Milind J. Jadhav
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13 In Vitro studies in Cochlospermum religiosum (Linn.)
Grishma Surywanshi, Pragati Shirsath, Pallavi Prashad and Narayan Pandhure
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14 Induced mutagenic variability in seed oil content of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Vijeyata P Jamdhade & Navnath G. Kashid
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15 Tissue culture studies in Withania Somnifera (L.) Dunal
Priti Shelke, Sapana Sapkal, Pallavi Prashad and Narayan Pandhure
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16 In vitro antifungal activity of leaf extracts against pathogenic fungi associated on fenugreek
Ambuse M. G.  and U. N. Bhale
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17 In vitro studies in Tylophora asthmatica (Burm.F) Merill
Ashwini Kasbe, Pallavi Prashad and Narayan Pandhure
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