Volume 8, Number 2, April - 2017 (pp. 107-304)

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Edited by Chief Editor, Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Botany, J. E. S. College, Jalna (M. S.) India
Index of the Volume 8, Number 2, April - 2017

Sr. No. Title of the research paper Page Number
1 Diospyros phuketensis (Ebenaceae): A newly recorded species from Vietnam
Trinh Ngoc BON, Hoang Thanh SON, Nguyen Quang HUNG, Pham Van VINH and Pham Minh TOAI
2 A comparative study on RNA: DNA Ratio in different tissues in two species of fresh water bivalve Lamellidens from lotic and lentic water
Nagawanshi M.
3 Additions of Convolvulaceae plants to the Flora of Adilabad, Telangana State, India
Vijigiri Dinesh
4 Study on indigenous knowledge and approach for conservation of Brucea mollis Wall. ex Kurz- an RET plant of NE India
Debashree Kakati and Sashin Kumar Barthakur
5 In vitro assay of alpha amylase inhibitory activity of piper species
Dipali Thakre, Kiran Damodar, Nazia.D. Khan
6 Morphological study of male genitalia of Ichneumonidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of subfamily Tryphoninae
Dipak Phand and Dhairyashil Ahirrao
7 Seasonal Investigations of chromium metal level from water and sediment of Isapur Reservoir, Maharashtra, India.
Bhosle Arjun Bapurao and Lolage Yogesh Popatrao
8 Effect of β- estradiol hormone and eyestalk ablation on ovarian maturation in fresh water crab, Barytelphusa cunicularis
Kale RS
9 Morpho-anatomical studies of Euphorbia heterophylla Linn. leaves
Mohan G. Kalaskar, Anil U. Tatiya, Jaswant J. Lamale, Sanjay J. Surana.
10 In vitro study of aqueous leaf extract of Raphanus Sativus var. for inhibition of calcium oxalate crystallization
Syed Salman Akhtar, S.M. Mular, Nazia D. Khan, Z.H Khan , Syed Sohail
11 Climbing Angiosperms of Manas National Park, Assam: Diversity and Ethnobotany
D Baro and S K Borthakur
12 Effect of Chromolena odorata leaf extract and leaf leachate on nutrient uptake potential of Crotalaria verrucosa L. and Crotalaria retusa L.
Dethe U L and D.K Gaikwad
13 Administration of 5-HTP and L-DOPA at specific time interval influences testicular lipid profile and plasma testosterone level in Indian Garden Lizard, Calotes versicolor
Thakur SK and Prasad SK            
14 Larvivorous fish diversity in Krishna River at Prakasam barrage, Vijayawada (Krishna district), Andhra Pradesh, India
Govinda Rao, K., Chandra Sekhara Rao, J. and G. Simhachalam
15 An in-silico approach in motif and evolutionary analysis of lipases in insects
Lakshmi Marepally
16 Haematotoxic potential of Acid Red 97 on Catla catla (Ham.)
Parmar Avni and Barot Jagruti
17 In Vitro anti- inflammatory activity of Vitex Negundo extract by HRBC membrane stabilization
Ziyad Husain , Syed Sohail,  Nazia D. Khan, Z. H. Khan , S.M Mular
18 Extraction and Partial characterization of thermostable, alkaline tolerant a-amylase from Bacillus oryzaecorticis
Tambekar DH, Tambekar SD, Jadhav AS and Bhule PB
19 Diversity, Phenology and Variation of Seasonal Leaf Photosynthetic Pigments in Mangroves of Chilika lagoon (Odisha), India
Panda M, Lele N, Samal RN, Murthy TVR, Patnaik AK and Nanda S
20 A Report of petrified monocot leaf Cyperaceophyllum intertrappea from Deccan Intertrappean beds of Mohgaonkalan, M.P., India
Bobade M B, Kokate P S
21 Diversity, distribution and frequency based attributes of Phytoliths in some Panicum spp. of Tripura, North East India
Ashish Kumar Chowdhury and B K Datta
224 -234
22 Effect of application of Ascophyllum nodosumextract on the yield and quality of Mulberry leaves
Anil Pappachan, Lungjo Bariampan and Kanika Trivedy
23 Effects of dietary onion on growth performance in the fresh water fish Clarias batrachus (Linn.)
Makode P. M.
24 Studies on biodiversity of Diatoms from Haranbari dam of BaglanTaluka of Nasik District of Maharashtra (India)
Aher N.H., D. S. Jain and N. S. Pawar
25 Extracellular thermo-alkalophilic proteolytic activities of the Bacillus aerophilus: Detection and preliminary characterization
Tambekar DH, Tambekar SD, Jadhav AS and Kolhe SG
26 Citric acid production by Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus isolated from soybean rhizospheric soil
Daiwshala C. Kamthane
27 Some newly introduced flowering Taxa in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra State, India
Bhosale S. S., V. A. Paithane, B. M. Rathor, A. S. Dhabe and A. S. Bhuktar
28 New Report on Zingiber montanum (K.D. Koenig) Link. From Kudal, Dist. Sindhudurg, (MS) India
Abhijeet  Kasarkar,  Dilipkumar  Kulkarni,Prashant Dhudade and M. Sabu 
29 Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Activities of Some Aromatic  Thiocarbohydrazones
Nalawade A M, Nalawade R A and Shejwal R V
30 Mycoflora associated with the fruit of Trichosanthes tricuspidata (Lour.) during storage
Gaikwad Deepmala A and Anil N. Korpenwar
31 Micropropagation of medicinally important herb Centella asiatica L.
Biradar Sanjay R.
32 Study on In vitro antiurolithiatic activity of Bryophyllum pinnatum and Ocimum gratissimum leaves
Pinjarkar Rupam V, Nazia D. Khan, Zia. H. Khan, S. M. Mular
33 Somatic embryogenesis of medicinally important herb Centella asiatica L.
Biradar Sanjay R.

Green Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity Study of Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Base Ligand (19Z)-N-(3-((Z)-(5,6-dimethyl-1H-benzo[d] imidazole -2 - ylimino) methyl)benzylidene) -5, 6 – dimethyl - 1H -benzo[d]imidazol-2-amine.

Sanjay R. Pawar, Sadashiv N.Sinkar, Sharad P. Moharir, Mahesh G.Undegaonkar, Sunil R.Mirgane

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